Natural Science Urinary Support

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Created to care for your small animals health Oxbow Natural Science Urinary Support is a hay-based supplement especially for little-ones that is high in fibre and helps support their urinary health. 

These tabs are made using a blend of Timothy Grass and added ingredients which provide nutrition and care specifically targeted at urinary wellbeing.

Supports Urinary Health

Key benefits of Natural Science Urinary Support include Cranberry and Dandelion Leaf which are targetted specifically at supporting your pets urinary health while herbs such as astragalus root support renal function.

Who should take it?

Oxbow Natural Science Urinary Support is for animals with a history of urinary problems but it is not intended for growing, pregnant or lactating animals.

Active Ingredients

Active ingredients in the Natural Science Urinary Support are;

Cranberry - Antimicrobial, helps prevent urinary tract infections

Dandelion Leaf - Natural diuretic, supports overall urinary health

Astragalus Root - Anti-inflammatory, supports renal function

Pumpkin Seed - helps relieve spasm/cramping from urinary disorders

How to Administer

If like me you are sat wondering how you can get your rabbits and other small animals to take an oral supplement tablet, well you will be happy to know that it's really easy.

Each tablet is in the form of easy to feed hay tabs and is an oval disc slightly larger than a 10p piece. Made with Timothy Hay the natural fragrant aroma appeals to most small animals and they eat them much as they would their normal food.

Feeding Dose Guide

This supplement is designed for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals with a full feeding guide on each bottle shown by weight per species. As an example, a rabbit weighing 1-4lbs would require 1 tablet a day.


  • Each pack contains 60 tablets
  • Helps prevent urinary tract infections
  • Supports overall urinary health
  • Relieves cramping
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Easy to feed hay tabs
  • High fibre

Additional Information

Active Ingredients: Glucosamine 45 mg, Marshmallow Root 45 mg, Astragalus Root 18 mg, Cranberry 18 mg, Dandelion Leaf 18 mg, Pumpkin Seed 9 mg, 

Inactive Ingredients: Timothy grass, barley flour, oat groat flour, cane molasses, flax seed meal, yeast culture (dehydrated), xanthan gum, algae (fat product), mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract

Feeding guide shown on packaging.