Naturals Christmas Cake

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The Rosewood Naturals Christmas Cake is sure to show your little ones some festive love.

This guilt-free Christmas cake doesn't have any dairy or added sugar just 100% natural ingredients. 

The edible cellulose-fibre lid is dressed in scrummy coconut and crushed carob pods (which are rich in beneficial phytochemicals and indigestible fibre), topped with two carrot-shaped "holly leaves" and lingonberries: all hiding a wonderful herbal salad mix that pets will love to nibble and forage.

Who is it for?

Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs and most small animals.

Additional Information

Ingredients; carob (42.5%), vegetable starch, coconut (12.7%), wheat herb (4%), oat herb (3.7%), parsley (3%), alfalfa 2.9%, nettle (0.8%), ground maize, meadow hay, melissa (0.4%), peppermnint (0.3%), dandelion (0.2%), lingonberries (0.2%), camomile (0.2%)