Naturals Snowballs

Snow is guaranteed for your little ones this Christmas with a bag of Rosewood Naturals Snowballs. 

This special festive recipe is made using 100% natural ingredients that can be enjoyed by all small animals (see below).

Each bag of Rosewood Naturals Snowballs contains a special treat made with crunchy maize, alfalfa and carrot which is dusted with coconut for a seasonal Christmas treat that are perfectly sized for your rabbits and other small animals. 

Remember these Snowballs are edible treats and we recommend making the magic of Christmas last. The decorative and deliciously generous coconut topping should be fed sparingly due to the sugar/fat content.

Your rabbits, guinea pigs and other furries might be small but they certainly won't be forgotten this Christmas!

Limited Edition, order now while stocks last.


  • Suitable for most small animals
  • Christmas treat
  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains alfalfa and carrot
  • Seasonal delight

Additional Information 

composition:extruded maize flour, alfalfa (17.1%), vegetable starch, coconut (8.6%), carrot (8.6%)