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Nature First Berry Leaf Mix

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Inside every bag of Nature First Berry Leaf Mix your rabbit and other small animals can be sure to find a delicious blend of dried leaves to enjoy all year round. 

Containing a delicious blend of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry mixed with the tantalising taste of calendular flowers your little-ones are guaranteed a healthy varied diet with each mouthful.

Benefits Healthy Immune System

Natures First Berry Leaf Mix has been created to aid in supporting your small animal's immune system.

Blackberry Leaves are known to provide strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties whilst also relaxing tight muscles which help in supporting the immune system.

Strawberry Leaves are both high in fibre and rich in Vitamin C whilst Calendular Flowers support the immune system and overall digestive health.

Tempting Flavours

Even fussy bunnies will find it hard to resist a bag of Nature First Berry Leaf Mix, with three different berries and calendular flowers too there is sure to be something to tempt almost every small animal.

Stimulates Foraging Instincts 

Sprinkle around yourlittle-ones home for added exercise and some boredom busting fun which stimulates their natural foraging instinct.


  • Suitable for most small animals
  • 100% natural
  • Supports immune health
  • Contains Vitamin C
  • High in fibre

Additional Information

Pack size: 100g

Ingredients: Blackberry Leaf, Raspberry Leaf, Strawberry Leaf, Calendular Flowers

Typical analysis: Fibre 20%, Moisture 11.03%, Crude Ash 9%, Fats & oils 3%