Natures Munch Delish Fresh Apple

Pawfect Natures Munch Delish Fresh Apple are fantastic low-calorie snack packed with valuable nutrients that are good for dogs.

Whether used as a healthy snack or a tasty training aid these treats pack a satisfying crunch

Nutritional Benefits

Loaded with beneficial dietary fibre and vitamins A, C & K these treats are devoid of any sodium or saturated fats.

Skin & Bone Health

In addition, the low protein nature of these tangy orchard treats is ideal for ageing dogs with the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids enhancing a dog’s coat and skin health whilst the presence of phosphorous and calcium are essential to dogs ongoing cartilage and bone health.

It’s also believed that the anti-oxidants contained with these fruits can assist in warding off cancer and degenerative conditions like joint disease. 

Human-Grade Ingredients

Pawfect treats only ever use something you could eat and digest yourself. They insist that each and every one of their ingredients is 100% natural, human-grade, gluten-free, and devoid of any lazy, synthetic nasties (preservatives, colourings etc).

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Ingredients 

All products are produced working with highly skilled farmers and herdsmen who share the Pawfect passion and their impeccable quality values. Associates undergo a thorough and rigorous training programme that meets and exceeds the highest food safety and quality standards practiced anywhere. Our diligent traceability processes means each & every ingredient can be meticulously tracked back to source.

Vet Approved

Dr Veneta Kozhuhrova (DVM,MRCVS,Cert, CFVHNut) has been a practicing veterinary surgeon since 2008, with a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon’s approved Master’s Degree specializing in canine nutrition (independent consultations & diet formulations). She assists in the creation of Pawfect products to ensure a quality, healthy product for your dog.

Additional Information 

Ingredients: 100% all natural raw, mountain apple dog chews

Analysis: protein 1.9%, fibre 11.6%, fat 1.85%

pack size 40g

Why Pawfect?

Pawfect feel passionately as ‘pet parents’ that more has to be done to ensure the ongoing happiness and daily well-being of our dogs. They believe we need to respect and reward our pet’s unwavering loyalty and companionship with a far-reaching range of meticulously made, nutritionally-savvy treats that best reflect the implicit ties and deep-rooted trust that exists between pet & pet owner.