Snowman Nibble 'n' Gnaw

The Rosewood Snowman Nibble 'n' Gnaw is a fun toy for your rabbits and small animals to play with after enjoying their Christmas feast.

Featuring a spinning woven belly the Snowman Nibble 'n' Gnaw can be hung in your little ones home to create an exciting boredom busting challenge. 

If you want to increase the challenge why not create your own interactive toy for your small animals by stuffing small treats into the woven ball to create extra mental stimulation!

Made with pet safe wood that when chewed will help to care for your rabbit's teeth this toy makes a delightfully Christmassy addition to your small animals home.

Your pets might small in size but they certainly won't be forgotten this Christmas!

Limited Edition, order now while stocks last!


  • Suitable for all small animals
  • Christmas themed toy
  • Gnaw/chew toy
  • Rattan spinning ball in the middle
  • Hangs in your pets home

Additional Information 

Size including string approx 22cm