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Organic Beetroot

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Huxley Hound Organic Beetroot dog treats are made with organic British beetroot that not only gives your dog a tasty treat but one that is healthy and nutritious too.

Better Than Raw

Huxley Hound dog treats are prepared using a process that ensures your dog can access the concentrated vegetable nutrition that isn't available to them from eating the equivalent raw vegetables.

Dehydrated Organic Vegetables

Made using only organic beetroot Huxley Hound then gently dehydrate the vegetable which allows the vitamins and minerals stored within the cellulose to be presented and available to your dog in a way that they can digest. This process enables your dog to access the nutritional benefits from beetroot that they can't get in it's raw form. 

Because the beetroot is organic it's completely free from pesticides and chemicals. 

Natural Ingredients

Each packet contains 100% organic beetroot and no preservatives or additives, as such it's recommended that the treats are consumed within 7 days of opening.

Health Benefits

Huxley Hound Beetroot dog treats are rich in nutrients and minerals including manganese, magnesium, and phosphate which are excellent at supporting your dog's immune system as well as promoting a healthy heart and blood. 

With a fat content of less than 1% they won't compromise your dog's waistline but will work to support their overall health. 

Chewy & Soft

These gourmet dog treats are deliciously chewy but soft so perfect for those that don't always want to crunch!

Made in the UK

Huxley Hound Organic Beetroot dog treats are made using ethically sourced vegetables which are grown and dehydrated in the UK. 

Inspired by Huxley

Inspired by Huxley and Rolo the long-haired mini dachshunds, Huxley Hound Organic Beetroot dog treats are a high-quality nutritious treat that is irresistibly tasty! 


  • 100% organic beetroot
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports a healthy heart and blood chemistry
  • Low fat & low calorie
  • 100% Preservative free, additive free
  • Suitable for dogs over 6 months

Additional Information

Ingredients: Organic beetroot 100%

Composition: Per 100g - Moisture 12.8g, Fat 0.22g, Protein 11.7g & Ash 6.9g

Weight 30g