Organic Meadow Hay

Oxbow Organic Meadow Hay is 100% certified organic and grown all-naturally without the use of any chemicals. 

Working hand-in-hand with their family of farms Oxbow hay is a premium product designed to truly care for your rabbits and small animals.

Organic & Eco Friendly

USDA Organic Seal: The USDA Organic Seal indicates that 100% of the ingredients in this product are produced by certified organic farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.

Larger Size Bag

An impressively large amount of hay awaits your little-ones with over a kilo of hay packed into each bag of giving your pets plenty to chew over while they ponder their day!

Taste & Texture

Grown all-naturally Organic Meadow Hay is composed of a variety of naturally occurring grass hays providing an enticing combination of textures, fragrances and flavours.

Premium Quality Veterinary Recommended

Oxbow has created an internationally-recognised brand that has become one of the most trusted names in small animal nutrition from loyal customers to top veterinarians.

    Feeding Guide

    Place large handfuls in your pets home daily.

    Pack: 1.1kg

    Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 7.00%, Crude Fat (min) 1.50%, Crude Fiber (max) 32.00%, Moisture (max) 15.00%