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Botanical Hay


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Who wants to eat the same thing every day? No-one!

Oxbow Botanical Hay means you can be sure of giving your small animals a variety of tastes to forage and enjoy. Every bag is packed with a rich blend of herbs combined with Western Timothy Hay to provide a truly tempting feast for even the fussiest of little ones!

Botanical Hay includes a rich array of three of the following fragrant herbs: chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus, lavender, rose hips, comfrey, borage or red clover blossoms. Alternate Botanical Hay with other hays for variety, or mix it in with your rabbit's normal hay for an extra treat!


  • Hand packed by Oxbow
  • Packed with flavour - great for fussy eaters
  • Mix in with normal hay to forage - reduce boredom

Feeding Guide

Growing Animals: Unlimited amounts
Mature Animals: Unlimited amounts

Pack: 425g