Pet Remedy

Party Season Survival Kit

The Pet Remedy Party Season Survival Kit has everything you need to get your pet through anxious or stressful times and is ideal for use throughout fireworks season.

This is a simple and quick way to make sure your pet has what they need to help them keep calm and provides excellent value too.

Each survival kit contains;

  • 1 x 60 Day Plug In Diffuser
  • 1 x 15ml Calming Spray
  • 3 x Individual Calming Wipes

Each component of the Party Season Survival Kit can be used in combination with each other to provide your pets with the full benefits as they find their way through the busy party season.

Find out more about each Pet Remedy product below.

Plug In Diffuser;

The Pet Remedy Plug In Diffuser should be plugged into a normal socket in a room where your pet spends most of their time.

When turned on a small heated ring inside the unit warms up which then draws the actives up the wick and into the surrounding areas to deliver a constant, slow release of liquid into the air of your room which has a very gentle and calming effect on your pets metabolism.

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15ml Calming Spray

The Calming Spray provides an instant effect with the flexibility to be used at any location your pet finds themselves anxious in your home or elsewhere.

A couple of small sprays used on your pets bedding or even sprayed onto your fingers and gently rubbed around the muzzle, under the chin and around the chest will begin to provide immediate and effective relief.

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Calming Wipes

Pet Remedy Calming Wipes are ideal for carrying with you when out and about ready to use at a moments notice should your pet become stressed or anxious.

The Calming Wipes can be used to maximum effect either by using them to wipe on your own hands before handling an anxious pet and are especially helpful for noise-sensitive pets who dislike the sound of a spray. 

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Helps all Pets

How does Pet Remedy work?

This can get a little technical so do stick with us!...

The Pet Remedy Calming Spray works alongside your pet's brains natural ‘messengers’ called neurotransmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm (via GABA pathway) or get ‘fired up’. 

Pet Remedy actives engage with your pets own natural calming mechanisms by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) so that when your pet is stressed the nerve cells are encouraged into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm, this is why it starts to help relax them instantly.

The special blend of essential oils used within the Pet Remedy Calming Spray is primarily valerian based using a low concentration which calms the nerves of anxious or stressed pets effectively without sedating or causing drowsiness.

What's in Pet Remedy?

The blend of Valerian, Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Clary Sage is a low concentration, water-based formula which is non-sedating and delivers a constant and slow release.

All Valerian oil is sourced from Europe where valerian plants are grown organically using only pig manure as fertiliser.

What does Pet Remedy Smell of?

The formulation comprises a unique blend of absolute and essential oils. Valerian has a distinctive earthy aroma which is blended with the sweeter scents of Vetiver, Basil, and Clary Sage to create a pleasant balanced aroma. The smells cannot be neutralised because it would compromise the special calming properties of each ingredient.

What if my pet still gets excited?

Pet Remedy helps pets by calming their nerves which in turn allows them to become more settled and aware of their surroundings rather than focusing on their fear. This also makes them more receptive to you so that you can help them through the anxious situation.

While Pet Remedy will help relax excited nerves there can still sometimes be the matter of learnt behaviour to deal with. For instance, if your dog normally barks when the doorbell goes there is every possibility they will continue that behaviour and still react by barking even if their nerve cells are calmed. But it is by using Pet Remedy to help calm them that in turn makes a dog more receptive and attentive to you which allows you to hopefully begin building their confidence and working on behaviour modification. 


  • See it in action watch the video below
  • Safe for all mammals, birds & reptiles
  • Helps pets relax and calm (humans too!)
  • Immediate effects
  • Can be used at any location in the home or away
  • Completely natural formula
  • Contains organic valerian
  • Non sedating & nondrowsy
  • Water-based & PH neutral
  • Safe for use on your pet's skin and coat
  • Easy spray bottle
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pet Remedy Diffusers

Additional Information

Clinical trials conducted by Exeter University and the Animal Behaviour Centre in Manchester both concluded that there was evidence Pet Remedy is effective in tackling and reducing stress in dogs. Clinical trials in other species are currently being carried out by Lisbon and Bristol University.

Always consult your vet if your pet shows signs of stress or you observe any behavioural changes.