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Car Booster Seat for Pets

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The Henry Wag Car Booster Seat can provide the perfect solution for small dogs who want to enjoy car journeys while staying safe.

Reduces Anxiety

Whether or not your dog enjoys riding in your car a booster seat can help reduce any anxiety by allowing your dog to travel beside you and offering them a view of the road for a calmer and more enjoyable travel experience.


A built-in tether clip supplied with the Henry Wag Car Booster Seat secures to your dog's car travel harness and the booster seat itself is fixed around the head restraint and seat back for complete security.

Keeping your dog safely secured significantly reduces any distractions while you are driving and prevents movement in the car should you be involved in an accident keeping you and any passengers safer.

Please note we recommend the use of a crash-tested car harness for all dogs traveling tethered in the car, the increased load placed on a harness in a crash requires a harness with additional strength which is over and above that of a normal walking harness.


The Car Booster Seat is supplied with a padded base for your dogs comfort along with a removable fleece liner for winter journeys and a mesh panel for summer ventilation.

Additional Storage

Useful storage compartments located on the booster seat provides space to keep leads, water and treats while the seat itself is collapsible for easy storage when not in use.


  • Provides small dogs with a safe elevated in-car riding position.
  • Fits Securely around the head restraint and seat back
  • Features a tether clip to secure to your dog’s harness
  • Includes padded base for comfort
  • Removable washable fleece insert for winter warmth
  • Extended back panel protects the seat fabric
  • Includes a storage pocket
  • Folds away when not in use

Size Guide

Size 38 x 38 x 25cm