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Pet Head Paw Wipes are designed to help get muck of their paws and any other areas of your dog's body.

These Orangelicious Wipes clean paws, face & booty. The Paw Wipes are hypoallergenic and safe to use on your dog while keeping them looking good, feeling great and clean! 

They might be called paw wipes but they are great at cleaning mud and dirt off other areas of your dogs body too, perhaps the drops of gravy as they help you do the pre-wash on the dishwasher?!


  • All over body wipes, cleans paws, face & booty
  • All pet head formulas are PH adjusted
  • No parabens, petroleum derivatives and sulphates
  • Can be kept in the car for portable cleaning

Additional Information

Approximately 50 wipes

    Category: Paw & Body Wipes

    Type: Dog Grooming