Rattan Christmas Cracker

We think the Rosewood Rattan Christmas Cracker is sure to be the 'must-have' Christmas gift for all rabbits and small animals this festive season!

Made with delightfully ruffled red paper tassels and a springy rattan center the limited edition Rosewood Rattan Christmas Cracker is a generously sized festive toy that can be nibbled, tossed and makes an excellent boredom busting toy.

Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs and rats your small animals will love the challenge of destroying the rattan and edible paper cracker - don't worry, there is no hidden banger inside!

Your pets might small in size but with this larger than average toy they certainly won't be forgotten this Christmas!

Please note that the natural dyes used ARE completely pet safe but NOT waterproof, protect from prolonged exposure to rain or standing water and if wet keep away from fabrics.

Limited edition, order now while stocks last!


  • Suitable for most small animals
  • Larger than average toy
  • Rattan center and festive paper tassels
  • Chew, nibble, toss and throw
  • Rattan center is springy
  • Looks SO festive and Christmassy!
  • Gnaw/chew toy

Additional Information 

Cracker length approximately 14cm (excluding red paper ends)

Made with pet safe glue, please examine toy on a regular basis, not intended as a child's toy.