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Lumitube Illuminated LED Collar

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Old Stock no damage but may require new battery (standard AAA) rather than the pre-packed one. Outlet items are non returnable & non refundable.

The Red Dingo Lumitube LED waterproof dog collar features a 100% satisfaction guarantee and uses two bright LED's to maximise visibility of your dog.

Ideal for use when it's completely dark outside or if light levels are getting low, the Red Dingo Lumitube illuminated dog collar is fully adjustable and made with cut-to-fit tubing that enables a perfect fit no matter the size of your dog.

Built for all weather conditions the Lumitube is completely waterproof so suitable for all wet weather outings and it can even be used for dogs that go swimming!

The tube is illuminated by two bright LED's which provide almost full 360 degree visbility keeping your dog safe no matter which way they are facing.

Quick release connectors allow the collar to be easily assembled although when fitted correctly you should be able to slip the Red Dingo Lumitube on and off your dog's head without undoing the loop.

Available in 4 different colours the Lumitube is perfect for multi-dog homes, select a different colour for each dog and they will be colour-coded so you know who is where! 

Whether your dog needs increased visibility for pavement walks, off-road adventures or another special event the Lumitube will help keep them visible and illuminated in all conditions.

Size to fit - Fitting Guide 

The Lumitube is designed to be slipped over your dogs's head without having to undo the loop each time.

To fit to your dog measure their head circumference, the easiest way to do this is to adjust their regular collar so it slips on and off without causing discomfort then use this length as a guide for the Lumitube making sure you add an extra 10mm for inserting into the housing.

Then just cut the tubing to the measured length, don't cut the tube too short the first time, you can always repeat the process if you find the collar is too long. Once finished insert the end of the tube into the quick release connector housing.

Test your fit and then if it is too long push the quick release connector freeing the tube from the housing, cut as required and then reinsert. Install the battery and you are ready to go! Just use the on/off button on the top of the housing to instantly activate the Lumitube. 

How is it powered?

The Lumitube uses a single AAA battery which is inexpensive and easily available when it requires replacing however for your convenience each Lumitube is supplied with one AAA battery so all you need to do is adjust the collar to fit and you are ready to go!

Winter Safety Statistics

Statistics from the PDSA have revealed that during the autumn and winter months costs of pets being involved in road accidents rises by 50%, with chances of your pet being involved in an accident increased by 8%. 


  • 100% product satisfaction guarantee from Red Dingo
  • Waterproof
  • Cut the tubing to exact length required for a perfect fit
  • Powered by a single inexpensive AAA battery (included)
  • Quick release connectors
  • Two sizes & four colours

      Size Guide

      Small - 15cm to 50cm

      Large 15cm to 80cm