Reindeer Squeaky Stretch A Lot

Rosewood Reindeer Squeaky Stretch A Lot will keep any dog happy over Christmas that enjoys throwing, flinging and tugging their toys.

Reindeer Squeaky Stretch A Lot is a cheeky chappie with a stretchy body a big red nose that could complete with Comet the Reindeer!

There are so many fun, playful features to this Christmas toy for dogs including;

  • a ball-shaped head that squeaks
  • a round tail shaped like a ball
  • stretchy body for games of tug
  • differently textured fabrics

There isn't much this Reindeer can't do!

Most dogs naturally want to play and toys really can enrich their life with variety to their day, exercise, and interaction with their human owner. So keep play fun, engaging and if you are anything like us you will keep buying toy after toy while you try and find your dog's favourite!

Please note that the Reindeer Squeaky Stretch A Lot is a play toy and not indestructible. Your pets should be supervised during play and the toy regularly examined for signs of wear.

Limited Edition, order while stocks last!


  • Christmas plush dog toy
  • Stretch toy for games of tug
  • Multiple textures
  • Hidden Squeaker
  • Big red nose!

Size Guide

Approx height 33cm when streched 56cm