Santa Sackeroo

The Rosewood Naturals Santa Sackeroo is a natural jute gift sack, filled with goodies and design to be hung in your pet's home for a festive treat.

Stamped with a natural food dye (spirulina) the sack contains a bag of Christmas Herbs and Christmas cookies.

Simply empty the herbs with some hay for extra fun into the sack and add a few cookies. Hang from the corns or tightly tie up both ends and leave on the floor then watch the fun begin.

To help your pets you can if needed make a few small scissor cuts in the sack.

Please supervise during use.

    Size Guide

    Approx 19cm long x 14cm

    Additional Information

    Christmas Herbs; apple, oat herb, parsley, alfalfa, wheat herb, star anise, nettle, lemon blam, dandelion, meadow hay, peppermint, chamomile

    Christmas Cookies; pea flakes, carrot, meadow hay, vegetable starch, beetroot, parsley

    Christmas Herbs 25g

    Christmas Cookies 75g