Henry Wag

Six Sided Metal Pet Playpen

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The Henry Wag Six Sided Pet Pen provides creates a safe and secure environment for your pet when you need to know they are safely contained out of harms way.

Suitable for use with puppies, older dogs and other pets this hexagonal metal pen is multipurpose, practical and easy to store when not in use.

Strong & Secure

Made from strong galvanised wire the Henry Wag Metal Pet Pen is rust resistant and features metal jointing bars to secure the hexagonal structure.

Home Comforts

With plenty of space the Henry Wag Pen provides a safe place for your pet to learn and play safely. There is a single door opening with a secure latch for easy entry and exit plus a removable nylon base fabric for use when needed.

Please always ensure there is fresh water available from a non-spill bowl so that if your pet/puppy accidentally knocks the bowl over they can still have a drink.


The pen can be stored flat when not in use for making it a convenient choice around the home. 

Small Animals / Rabbits

If using the pen for small animals please ensure the gap in the wire mesh is a safe dimension for your particular breed of rabbit and that their head can't fit through the bars.

    Size Guide

    The pen has six sides and each panel measures 63 x 76cm. When erected in a hexagonal formation it measures 110cm (43”) at its shortest point and 124cm (49”) at its widest point. The single door opening measures 36” x 35” with a secure latch.