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For those times when your dog or other pets can't walk on all four paws, the Maelson Snuggle Kennel provides a comfortable and practical solution.

This folding fabric pet carrier conforms to airline requirements for carry-on in-cabin luggage (check with your specific airline first) and can be securely strapped into your car too.

The mesh doors and ventilated side panels ensure good air flow keeping a comfortable temperature and also allowing your pet to smell all those exciting smells in the air while on the move.

A 3-point shoulder strap provides a comfortable carrying strap which can be removed when not in use. The Maelson Snuggle Kennel is easy to attach to your suitcase with the build-in side panel apertures giving you an additional option for carrying when on the move. The same fastening points can also be used to pull your car seatbelts through securing it in place safely for automotive travel.

An interior lead attachment point keeps your pet safely inside and the luxurious, soft inner cushion keeps them comfortable while you enjoy your journey together.

Size Guide

Approx 48 x 28 x 25cm

For dogs up to 7.5kg