Soft Coll'R Luxury Leather Collar

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The Maelson Soft Coll’R is exclusively hand-crafted in Germany and is in a class of it's own when it comes to leather dog collars.

Using only the very best, full-grain German & Italian Nappa hides available this designer leather dog collar is hand-crafted in Southern Germany creating a collar with quality and luxury at it's very best.

The leather is carefully selected from certified German suppliers to produce a dog collar which is light, flexible and soft to the touch, so much so that it feels like real skin.

In order to allow the unique surface characteristics of each hide to retain their individual features, they are treated solely with soluble dyes. Only 5% of a complete animal's hide can be used in this process which is why the Maelson Soft Coll'R is a premium, luxury dog collar with the ultimate in exclusivity.

Built-in invisible protection prevents the leather from stretching over time and a patented aluminum buckle is sewn-in on the side of the collar to prevent any unnecessary pressure on your dog's throat.

To size the Maelson Soft Coll'R there is a trademark 'knoppy', a stainless steel fastener engraved with the Maelson logo that screws into a 4-way adjuster allowing you to select the correct fit for your dog's comfort.

The entire look can be completed by purchasing a matching lead here.

Please allow up to 10-14 days for your collar to be delivered. 


  • Hand-crafted in Southern Germany
  • Exclusive product
  • Light & flexible
  • Matching lead
  • German & Italian Nappa hides sourced from certified suppliers
  • Invisible protection to prevent stretching
  • Stainless steel D-ring
  • 4-way adjustment
  • Side buckle for comfort
  • Unique surface characteristics remain visible

Size Guide

Size Neck Size(cm) Collar Width (cm)
XS 25 31-37 2.5
S 25 37-43 2.5
S 35 37-43 3.5
M 35 43-49 3.5
S 45 37-43 4.5
M 45 43-49 4.5
L 45 49-55 4.5
 XL 45 55-61 4.5