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Soft-E Collar

Company of Animals

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Spare your dog the embarrassment of the 'cone of shame' with a rather more sophisticated, posh and most of all comfortable post surgery collar! 

The Company of Animals Soft-E Collar prevents your dog or cat (and other pets) from licking, scratching or pestering an area that needs protecting, whether from surgery or injury.

Made from flexible, lightweight fabric which is non-allergenic, non-toxic and water repellent the Soft-E-Collar provides your pets with maximum comfort and mobility. Unlike most other plastic collars this allows free movement of the head, neck and body so your pet can carry on as normal eating, drinking and sleeping as normal.

Being so comfortable and allowing your pet to carry on as normal (as far as possible with their injury) they will not only find their physical injury heals quickly but it's less likely to interfere with their emotional recovery too.

If you are worried that your pet will make light work of this collar compared to a traditional plastic cone the material is extremely strong and made to withstand claws and teeth while also being water repellent.

Very simple to use and fit the Soft-E-Collar features a drawstring design, enabling you to fit it precisely and securely with a soft fabric tie, ensuring maximum comfort for your pet.

Once used it's easy to fold up compactly and store.


  • Prevents your pet accessing a wound/injury
  • Comfortable for your pet
  • Non-allergenic fabric
  • Lightweight non-toxic fabric
  • Water repellent
  • Easy to fit with a drawstring

Size Guide

Size 1: neck 16-25cm

Size 2: neck 25-30cm

Size 3: neck 30-40cm

Size 4: neck 40-56cm

Size 5: neck 56-66cm