Squeaky Nose Snowball

The Rosewood Squeaky Nose Snowball Christmas dog toy is ideal for play this Christmas with his squeaky blue nose. 

This colourful and fun plush Christmas dog toy has a large squeaker for a nose while the arms and legs can be used to toss it around.

Most dogs naturally want to play and toys really can enrich their life with variety to their day, exercise, and interaction with their human owner. So keep play fun, engaging and if you are anything like us you will keep buying toy after toy while you try and find your dog's favourite!

Please note that the Squeaky Nose Snowball is a play toy and not indestructible. Your pets should be supervised during play and the toy regularly examined for signs of wear.

Limited Edition, order while stocks last!


  • Colourful fun dog toy
  • Bright blue squeaker nose
  • Plush dog toy

Size Guide

Approx height 25cm