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Store Fresh Food Container

Henry Wag

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The Henry Wag Store Fresh Food Container keeps dry pet food food fresh and unfortunately for your pets it also keeps it safe from their prying paws!

Complete with a foam seal to keep moisture out the Store Fresh Food Container is a food storage box suitable for all dry pet food, bird seed or even poultry feed.

Used in your home it helps keep your kitchen or utility room tidy and free from open bags of food which removes any temptation from your pets in a kind and effective way.

The wide opening lid ensures easy access and the measuring scoop helps portion control making it easy to see exactly how much is being fed.

A secure 'snap-lock' closure keeps food dry and fresh while the crack resistant plastic makes for a durable product.

The simple design and colourways make it unobtrusive on the eye and will suit almost all homes.


  • Stores dry pet food 
  • Wide opening
  • Includes food scoop
  • Secure 'snap lock' closure
  • Crack resistant plastic  

Size Guide

7.5kg Container - Holds up to 7.5 kg of Dry Food. H33cm x L 41 cm x W 24 cm

15kg Container - Holds up to 15 kg of Dry Food. H54cm x L 41 cm x W 24 cm