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The Big Dog Pack


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Throbizz is a new product to market and provides an excellent alternative to rival Chuckit!

The Big Dog Pack by Throbizz is a pack of two balls made from pure, non-toxic natural rubber. 

This is no normal dog ball though! Designed to be ultra tough these mega balls are suitable for all dogs including those with super strong jaws who like to really get to grips with their toys! In fact Throbizz actively test their own products on chew-loving breeds like Staffies to make sure their balls can cope with the demanding needs of an active dog (watch the video below).

Providing excellent value for money this is a twin pack of balls, the Longballer which is great for long distance play and the Tough Ball which is designed for those super strong jaws.

There is no compromise on quality by Throbizz and seeing as dogs see the colours blue and yellow best there really is very little that they haven't thought of!


The Throbizz brand focuses on ball based outdoor fun and activity, enriching fitness, fun and friendship for pet and owner.


  • Watch the video below to see how tough our balls really are!
  • Twin pack
  • Durable for super strong jaws
  • Non-toxic natural rubber

Size Guide

Yellow Ball - 2.75"

Blue ball - 2.5"

See it in action - Watch the video