The Hive Easy Feeder Pet Bowl

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The Fuzzyard Hive Easy Feeder Pet Bowl for Dogs is not only practical for you but it features a delightful design making it a real pleasure for your dog to eat their meals.

The removable inner bowl makes for fast filling and easy washing which help keep your day trouble free while your dog enjoys their dinner in relaxed style.

Hygienic Stainless Steel

A removable stainless steel insert not only makes cleaning simple but it's hygienic too keeping you and your pet safe.

Non-Slip Design

Sturdy rubber feet helps avoid the bowl slipping and moving around so your dog can enjoy their meal in peace savouring every mouthful.

BPA Free

The outer shell is made from sturdy melamine which is easy to wipe clean and 100% BPA free.

In House Designers

All FuzzYard designs are created in-house, there are never any 'generic off the shelf' patterns that you will find elsewhere just beautifully bespoke uses of colours and shapes. It's this which is one of the key things that sets them apart globally.


  • BPA free
  • Hygienic
  • Non-slip feet
  • Removable stainless steel insert
  • Colourful outer melamine bowl

Size Guide

Measurements are approximations 

Small: Base 15cm, Top 10cm, Height 4.5cm, Capacity 190mL (6.4 fl oz) 

Medium: Base 18cm, Top 13cm, Height 6cm, Capacity 400mL (13.5 fl oz)

Large: Base 22.5cm, Top 16.5cm, Height 7.5cm, Capacity810mL (27.3 fl oz)