Thermal Self-Heating Lounger

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The Scruffs Thermal Self-Heating Lounger is the ideally suited to smaller toy breeds or cats (yes we said cats... we know we are called Barks & Bunnies but hey, we love cats too!).

Heat is reflected from the bed back to your pet providing them with a superior level of warmth that far outweighs that of any other 'normal' bed.

Self Heating

Each mattress contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This layer is sandwiched between quilted hollow fibres and the beds main fill, it reflects body heat back to your pet, keeping them warm.

The quilted polyester lies beneath a super soft fleece cover this layer holds warm air around your pet providing added insulation.

Machine Washable

The entire bed can be washed as a complete unit on a gentle cycle, please check the label before washing.

Size Guide

Approx 58 x 40cm