Thundershirt Polo

Size Guide
Thundershirt Polo Size Guide
  1. Measure your dog's girth size at the widest point around their tummy just behind their front legs.
  2. Between sizes? We recommend to select the smaller size however the shape of your dog and thickness of fur may change this.
  3. The complete ThunderShirt Polo Fitting Guide is available for additional information here.

Please contact us if you require any assistance.

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The ThunderShirt Polo applies a gentle comforting pressure to your dog's body giving them an instant calming sensation which helps relieve stress and anxiety.

It is believed by many experts that the constant snug pressure provided once the ThunderShirt is comfortably wrapped around your dog's body creates a reassuring body contact which reduces their anxiety and increases a sense of calm and relaxation - it's a bit like being cuddled all the time and who doesn't love a cuddle!

Recommended by vets worldwide and with a 45 day money back guarantee (see below) the ThunderShirt Polo for dogs is a gentle way to help encourage calm behaviour without medication.

A New Design for 2017

The Thundershirt Polo has been updated for 2017 with a spray patch located on the shoulder of the coat that's ideal for spraying relaxing remedies such as Pet Remedy (here).

Please note that it is still safe to use Pet Remedy on the fabric of the previous version of the Thundershirt Polo even without the little black round spray patch.

As the new stock arrives into the UK we will try to send you the updated version but please be aware we unable to guarantee it. If you would prefer the new 2017 version please pop a note on your order at the checkout and we will do our best. 

How does the ThunderShirt help?

By lowering or removing your dog's stress they can become more aware of their surroundings rather than focusing on their fear. This also makes them more receptive to you so that you can help them through an anxious situation.

What fears can the ThunderShirt help?

The Thundershirt is a kind and positive way to help promote a calm state for dogs during any situation that can cause them fear or to show overly excitable behavior. 

ThunderShirts can be especially beneficial for use with noise phobias such as fireworks and thunderstorms or to help relieve travel-related anxiety, moving house and general anxiety.  

How to Introduce the Thundershirt

When your dog first starts to use their Thundershirt we always recommend that you introduce it at a time when their stress is as low as possible. Try the coat on and then allow your dog to get used to their surroundings encouraging them with treats or a game to reinforce a positive association.

How quickly will it work?

For many dogs, the Thundershirt will start to have an immediate effect in the first use, for others it may take two to three usages for maximum results.

What if the Thundershirt doesn't work?

Anxiety and nervous behaviour in dogs and cats can be due to a number of varied causes including habitual ingrained anxiety.

Every pet is different and with a unique personality will respond to their own treatment plan, some cases of anxiety will also strongly benefit from the use of behavioural techniques in conjunction with a qualified animal behaviourist (guidance to finding a qualified behaviourist here).

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Thundershirt works in over 80% of cases but for those times where your dog doesn't respond there is a 45 day money back guarantee. Just keep proof of your purchase and then contact us if you don't see any results, we ask that all returned coats are sent using a tarcked service. (original postage not included in refund)

What happens to any returned coats? They are donated to charity (such as The Mayhew Animal Home) or given to trainers/behaviourists to be used as sample kits.

How Long can my dog wear the Thundershirt?

When correctly fitted the ThunderShirt is designed to be safe for your dog to wear during extended periods of time in situations where they are anxious. 

The light-weight, breathable fabric helps keep your dog's body temperature at a comfortable level so over-heating is very rarely an issue but PLEASE always remember to be safe especially if you will be leaving your dog unsupervised during use.

If you will be allowing your dog to wear a ThunderShirt for extended periods (e.g. over 2 hours) you should check frequently for any signs of irritation points during the first few uses and immediately remove if any discomfort is noticed.

What is the difference between the ThunderShirt Classic & Polo?

The design is almost identical however the ThunderShirt Polo offers a slightly more tailored fit compared to the ThunderShirt Classic and the Polo is also available in different colour choices.

What else might help?

The ThunderShirt is safe for use in conjunction with all naturally relaxing Pet Remedy treatments and Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets or Organic Valerian Compound.

The Pet Remedy Calming Spray is safe to be sprayed directly onto the ThunderShirt and is available in a 200ml or small travel sized bottle here.

If you are in any doubt please always contact your vet.


  • Watch the video below to see it in action
  • Applies gentle pressure to help relieve stress
  • Kind and effective
  • Can be used long-term
  • Breathable fabric
  • Achieves successful results in over 80% of pets
  • Help to treat phobias including fireworks, thunderstorms, travel anxiety etc
  • Recommended by vets
  • Easy to fit (velcro straps)
  • Machine Washable

PLEASE NOTE: this item is excluded from our free exchange policy and should you require a different size you will be required to reorder as per exclusions in our standard returns policy.

Size Guide

Please see above.

See it in action - Watch the video

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