Treasure Island Pet Shack

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Send your small animals off on an exciting adventure with the Smartkitz Pet Shacks.

Fun for your animals and you/your children, the Pet Shacks come in a small, flat packed wrapper which you can then easily construct and decorate to your own colour scheme/design.

The Treasure Island design contains two designs for you to build and colour before your hamsters, mice or other small animals move in to their new home. Your pets new island home features two shacks, palm trees and of course an essential treasure chest for your keeping their most special possessions!

Decorated with non-toxic, pet safe pens/paints this is guaranteed to be fun for all the family, construction is simple and fast and of course the kit is made from recycled cardboard making it an eco-friendly toy.

Your small animals will love the chance to explore their new island shack making it their very own home and providing an outlet for them to use their natural instincts to explore and hide.


  • Fun and different animal houses
  • Great for entertaining your small pets
  • Easy assembly from flat pack
  • Made from recycled cardboard
  • Decorate using non-toxic pens/paint

Please Note: Some animals might not be happy with the design of this unit as it is and might try to redesign it by chewing on it! This is a natural instinct for many small animals as they often gnaw on things not only to keep their teeth healthy and sharp but because it's really fun remodelling their homes to achieve the perfect look! As the remodelling progresses the shack may become unstable so please replace once your small animals need a new home to get their teeth into!

Pack contains

2 x Island Shacks– L12 x W15 x H14cm

2 x Front Surrounds

2 x Trees

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