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Amazing value, save 20% and includes delivery!

Run out of treats for your dog? forgot to place an order? worry no more! Take the stress out of re-ordering your dog their treats and leave it all to us!

With our new 'Truly Scrumptious' gift box your dog will receive six bags of treats at a substantially reduced cost, saving you 20% (equivalent to more than one bag of treats for free!), over two or three months. So all you need to decide is how many months you want them delivered for, the choice is yours!

Our year round dog treat range has five delicious, natural and healthy flavours, so your dog will receive one flavour twice. We will try and make sure it is not in the same month. If you would like to choose any specific flavours then please let us know using the notes section when placing your order. 

We will send your second and third boxes approximately one calendar month after posting the previous box.

Made entirely by hand Barks & Bunnies handmade treats for dogs are delicious, natural wholesome and made with 100% human grade ingredients. In fact they are so good that you can even eat them yourself, if your dog doesn't beat you to it!

Feeding & Storage

Please click here for details of how to store these freshly baked treats.


  • A saving of 20% compared to purchasing the bags indivudually
  • Barks & Bunnies own brand handmade treats, inspired by our golden retriever Albie. 
  • Handmade and baked freshly to order, every single time!
  • Perfect as a gift or a treat for your own dog
  • 100% human grade ingredients
  • No chemicals or preservatives
  • Soft biscuits retaining their moisture makes them more delicious!
  • Suitable for older and younger dogs due to their soft texture, suitable for sensitive tummies
  • All flavours are named after tricks you can teach your dog using our treats
  • Find out how Albie inspired our treats here.