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One of our favourite new additions to our dog toy range is the Happy Pet Twist-Tee Ball.

This eco-friendly dog toy is made using recycled fabric ensuring a dog toy that is bright, colourful, fun and helps the great Planet Earth all at the same time! 

Different to the standard cotton thread rope toy that you are used to seeing the Twist-Tee dog toys are made with what we can only describe as strips of fabric similar to those you would find on any standard t-shirt which is then wound tightly together to create a playful, dog toy.

The recycled fabrics make for a refreshing change from a standard rope toy and not only that but it is washable, soft, strong and once finished with can be recycled - who knows what it might become in it's third life?!

The material is tightly wrapped around itself into knots which entice your dog to play while their teeth and gums take on the tightly woven knots giving them a clean and massage while playing.

We really can't tell you how happy we are about bringing these toys to your dog, in fact we are certain they will fast become a best seller.

Please note: colours supplied may slightly vary.


  • Made using recycled fabrics
  • Soft & strong
  • Recyclable
  • Washable

Size Guide

Approx 14 x 14 x 14cm (medium to large breeds)