Soft Protection Undercoat Rake

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The Rosewood Soft Protection Undercoat Rake dog grooming tool is designed to penetrate thicker coats and remove dead hair close to the body.

Making an incredibly effective grooming tool for dogs with long, thick or double coats and available in two sizes the Rosewood Undercoat Rake is an essential part of your dog's grooming routine.

When using don't exert too much downward pressure but use as you would a comb and groom from the base of the coat outwards. If your dog's fur is knotted you should swap to using a slicker brush or knot buster depending on the type or fur and knotting. 

The undercoat rake won't damage or strip the fur as there are no blades leaving your dog's delicate coat structure as it would naturally be.  


  • Penetrates thicker coats
  • Removes dead hair
  • Doesn't damage the coat structure
  • Promotes a glossy coat
  • Suitable for long and double coats

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