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Venice Scratcher

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The Gor Pets Venice scratcher in brown has an elegant yet practical design that satisfies your cat's natural instinct to scratch objects.

The thick robust tubing and carpet base encourages your cat to scratch providing hours of feline fun in an acceptable place that keeps your own furniture safe.

Extra Fun

It is exquisitely hand-finished including a feathery ball that dangles from the top of the Scratcher encouraging your cat to stretch their claws, paws and body, this helps release 'feel-good' hormones that keep your cat healthy.

Compact Size

The compact size can be enjoyed by all cats but is also ideal for kittens and smaller cats so they can still enjoy all the benefits of scratching.

Promotes Wellbeing

Cats have a natural urge to scratch which is fundamental to their overall wellbeing, it can help to release stress, excitement and generally 'blow-off steam'. Scratching objects is also an excellent self-grooming behaviour as it naturally helps remove any old material from their claws. It also helps convey what they consider their territory not only by the visible marks left behind but cats also mark territory with scent glands in their paws.

Size Guide

Approx 46cm tall