Western Timothy Harvest Stacks

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Oxbow Western Timothy Harvest Stacks are the latest in hay innovation transforming 100% all-natural long-strand, hand-sorted Western Timothy hay into compact and easy to feed portions.

Designed to be fed to almost all small animals your rabbits will binky and your guinea pigs squeal with delight when they see this coming!

What is Timothy Hay?

Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is a nutritious and sweet smelling hay that rabbits and other small animals find impossible to resist!  

Compression Technology = Less Dust

Using special compression technology Oxbow Western Timothy Harvest Stacks are an effortless way to provide your rabbits and other small animals with delicious hay and 80% less airborne dust when compared to standard loose hay.

Taste & Texture

With a fresh fragrance to tempt even fussy eaters and a texture that sits comfortably between soft and coarse Timothy Hay is a superb all-round performer and a mainstay of any small animals diet.

Hand Sorted & Natural

Made with Timothy Hay that has been hand sorted to select only the finest strands and no additives or binders are used making this a delicious and completely natural hay that you can safely feed your small animals.

Why is Hay Important?

Hay should make up at least 75% of your little-ones diet and should be available for them to eat and forage in at all times.

Oxbow Western Timothy Harvest Stacks can be fed as a primary hay source or are ideal to supplement with loose hay to encourage enrichment and provide variation. 

Who are Hay Stacks suitable for?

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchillas, Mice, Gerbils & Hamsters

Feeding Guide

Remove the required number of Harvest Stacks portions and pull on opposite sides of the stack until it loosens to form an S shape, then give to your rabbit or other small animals. 

The unique shape and texture encourages interaction between your pet and the hay to make each stack healthy and fun too!


  • Convenient, compact portions save space and mess
  • 80% less airborne dust than loose hay
  • 100% Timothy Hay
  • All-natural – no additives or binders
  • Hand selected and sorted
  • Cna be fed as a primary hay source or additional top up

Additional Information

Ingredients: Timothy Grass Hay 

Composition: Crude Protein (min) 7%, Crude Fat (min) 1.5%, Crude Fiber (max) 32%, Moisture (max) 15%

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