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Wetnoz Flexi Bowl Duo


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The Petmate Wetnoz Flexi Bowl Duo blends the best features of a silicone dog mat with a dog feeding station.  

Retaining a stylish appeal but providing complete practicality the Wetnoz Flexi Bowl Duo integrates two stainless steel bowls with an odor-free, smooth to the touch silicone mat to provide no-slip eating for your pet with easy clean-up. 

The double stainless steel bowl provides a complete feeding station for your dog with a bowl for food and a second for water. 

Both bowls are removable and dishwasher safe and the silicone mat can placed in for a wash at the same time ensuring a clean and hygienic dining experience for your dog.

It's no surprise that these Petmate dog bowls are popular around the world, the elegant curved lines and high gloss melamine create a stylish accessory which is essential for all pet owners.


  • Double bowl
  • Silcone mat
  • Bowls & mat are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel inner bowls

Size Guide 

Approx 14.1" X 8.2" X 1.4"

Bowls hold approx 14.5oz / 400g