Kong Widgets are all thrills for dogs seeking an enticing toy challenge that delights with treat-dispensing rewards.

Adding to the extensive Kong interactive dog toy range the Kong Widgets bring a new challenge to your dog. The mentally stimulating Widget toys provide a varied puzzle that allows you to place treats into the pre-made holes and smear your dog's favourite soft foods into all the grooves.

Soft and flexible to allow your dog to try and get their treats the Kong Widgets are a fun interactive toy that your dog will simply love.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Kong Widgets toys as they are great for games of fetch and float for water play fun. 

    Size Guide

    Bone Small approx 11.5cm, Bone Medium approx 15cm, Bone Large approx 17.5cm

    Chomp Small approx 5cm (very small dogs only), Chomp Medium approx 7cm, Chomp Large approx 9cm

    Ball Medium approx 8.5cm, Ball Large approx 9.5cm