Wintery Hay Cottage

The Rosewood Wintery Hay Cottage is the perfect festive retreat for your little ones to curl up in whilst snow falls outside frost glistens in the morning.

This cosy house is made with a generous coating of meadow hay that covers a tough parchment board which is irresistible to chew and for a truly festive finish the snowy roof has been created with a little sprinkling of coconut.

Ideally sized for guinea pigs, rats and chinchillas the Naturals Wintery Hay Cottage will appeal to bunnies too making the perfect seat for smaller bunnies to sit on and nibble while the admire the festive decorations around them. 

It's just as well that the Christmas celebrations don't last too long because we think your little ones will enjoy this so much that it won't be long until they eat it all up!

Please note the coconut topping should be fed sparingly as a treat, we recommend you supervise your pet to monitor consumption.

Limited Edition, order now while stocks last.


  • Parchment box covered in meadow hay
  • Christmas coconut topping
  • Ideally sized for guinea pigs, rats & chinchillas
  • Fun for christmas!

Additional Information

Hay 34%, coconut 33%, vegetable starch

Approx size 29cm wide, 18cm high, 19cm deep