Happy Pet Nibbler Wooden Cage Chew for Rabbits | Barks & Bunnies

Wooden Cage Chew

Happy Pet

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The Happy Pet Nibbler Wooden Cage Chew is a natural way to bring your small animals increased enrichment while also caring for their teeth.

Easy to attach to a wire door of a hutch or cage your rabbits, hamsters and other small animals can chew the gnaw providing hours of nibbling fun!

Made from 100% natural wood and using natural, vegetable based dyes which are safe for your small animals.

PLEASE NOTE colour supplied may vary.


  • Prevents boredom
  • Keeps teeth neat and trim
  • Attaches to any wire cage
  • 100% natural wood

Size Guide

Small dimensions approx: W 2cm x H 8cm

Large dimensions approx: W 3cm x H 10cm