Xtra Strong Stake-Out Spike

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The Rosewood Xtra Strong stake-Out Spike is the ideal way to keep your dog safely tethered when in the garden or camping.

Suitable for dogs up to 60kg this is an extra strong spike designed for dogs who are that bit bigger and stronger. 

Ideal for use with tie-out cables and chains your dog can wander and enjoy their surroundings while being safely secured.

A domed cap and 360-degree buckle helps prevent your dog getting tangled so they can enjoy their space to roam from the safety of the dog ground tether.

To use place the stake in an area free of obstacles and dangers to your pet. Best used on loam and clay soils, use a rubber mallet to carefully strike the top of the stake into the ground. Ensure the stake is driven in vertically and avoid striking the domed cap. 

Used on sandy or very wet ground the stake may be less secure.

Always ensure your dog is tethered in a shady area and that they have access to water at all times and sufficient food.


  • Extra strong for dogs up to 60kg
  • Suitable for clay and loam soils
  • 360 degree buckle to prevent tangling
  • Suitable for use with tie-out cables
  • Ideal for camping 

Additional Information

Approx 47cm long