West Paw Design

Zogoflex Merry Monster

A Merry Monster made in Montana!

Handcrafted in seasonal blue fabric with two eyes and a bright red nose, this merry monster is anything but scary, in fact with a nose that bright we wondered if he might be leading the sleigh tonight??

Hardy Tex Fabric

Designed, developed, and tested for toughness over countless hours of rough dog play the Zogoflex HardyTex fabric gives Peet more than just a fuzzy face.

The delightfully soft and furry plush fabric is super tough with a reinforced mesh backing for increased durability that surpasses standard plush fabrics.

During testing there was an impressive 80% no damage rate too!

Play or Chew?

Zogoflex toys are categorised according to play, puzzle or chew and how strong they are. 

Merry Monester is a play toy for rough play. He should not be chewed.

Please remember your dog’s safety is your responsibility. No dog toy is indestructible and you should choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog. Play should be supervised and if your dog is one of the few that can damage the toy, discontinue use of the toy and take advantage of the Love It Guarantee. 

Machine Washable

Peet not only ensures your dog will have fun playing but is designed to make life for us owners that little bit easier too. To clean just pop the toy in your washing machine (check label for instructions).

Recycled Filling

All Rowdies toys are filled with IntelliLoft, an exclusive eco-fiber made completely from recycled plastic.

It’s completely non-toxic so safe for your dog to play and to date, IntelliLoft has diverted 12.6 million bottles from landfill - an impressive feature of Zogogflex Rowdies dog toys.

Size Guide

Approx 23cm