Pawfect Natures Munch

Pawfect feel passionately as ‘pet parents’ that more has to be done to ensure the ongoing happiness and daily well-being of our dogs. They believe we need to respect and reward our pet’s unwavering loyalty and companionship with a far-reaching range of meticulously made, nutritionally-savvy treats that best reflect the implicit ties and deep-rooted trust that exists between pet & pet owner.

Natural Vegetarian Dog Treats

Promising a delicious, tasty selection of fruit and vegetable dog treats your pooch will be truly spoiled with the irresistible tastes of these healthy dog treats.

Himalayan Yakers Cheese Chews

In multiple sizes including extra large Pawfect Yakers Cheese Chews are a fantastic addition to your dogs diet not only providing nutrients but helping to care for teeth and gums too.

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