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Barks & Bunnies love happy dogs, happy rabbits and a happy you! We spent a long time thinking of a clear, fun message to convey what we are about and we finally had our eureka moment with 'Love Them Happy' (ok my husband Leigh had the eureka, but don’t tell him I admitted that!).

Be part of the Barks & Bunnies 'Happy Revolution'! Send us your pets happy photos and stories across all our social media channels using the hashtag #lovethemhappy

For a little extra happy why not buy a box full of happy for your furry family? See details below.

Buy your box full of happy

Barks & Bunnies dog/small animal boxes launched in 2015 with prices starting at only £9.99!

Dread signing up to a subscription service? Don't worry, the Barks & Bunnies pet boxes come with a one time purchase option or a repeat service which is entirely in your control.

With boxes for dogs whether you have one or 3, rabbits and guinea pigs there is something for everyone including boxes specifically tailored for individual needs from tough dog toys to bunnies with digestive problems.

Don't forget to send us your photos when you receive your box for a chance to win a £5 e-voucher, more details available in the menu above. 

You Shop & We Donate

For every box you order we donate 5% of the purchase price to charity. You can see who we have donated to here.

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