Discount Codes

Discount Codes

Got a discount code and want to use it? Or trying to use your code but it says it isn't valid? The handy little guide below should help but if you have any questions which aren't covered just get in touch and we will be happy to answer your query.

What can discount codes be used for?

Discount codes may only be applied to full price items, items already on sale are exempt from all discount codes.

I signed up to the newsletter, where is my code?

Your code should automatically be emailed to you, don't forget to check your inbox and junk folder but if you haven't received it within 4 hours please contact us.

When can I use my newsletter sign up code?

Firstly, thank you for subscribing!

As explained on the signup pages our terms do apply so you will only be able to use the code on full price items, however, if your first order is to purchase something in the sale we would recommend you hang onto your code as it will be valid for your first full price order.

Why isn't my discount code working?

Please read our discount code guide, if you still think your code should be valid please contact us, every so often we make mistakes (we are only human!) and it is possible that there may be a system error which we can correct that will validate your code. If your code isn't valid we will be able to explain why.

My code applied to a sale item, is that ok?

If a discount code is applied to a sale item your order may be cancelled and you will need to place your order again via the website, Barks & Bunnies cannot be held responsible if between cancellation and re-order the product sells out.

Can I use a discount code and loyalty points at the same time?

Loyalty points and discount codes may not be used together. 

How many codes can I apply to my order?

Only one code can be used per order.

Can I order a Happy Pet box using a discount code?

All Happy Pet subscription boxes are exempt from discount codes other than those stated in product descriptions.

Can I register multiple times to receive additional codes?

We do not allow the use of discount codes by registering with multiple email addresses or different names. If your order does get through the checkout it will be placed on hold before being cancelled.

Is my code valid anywhere else?

Discount codes from all promotions must be spent at Barks & Bunnies, no cash alternative is available.

Can I use a discount code when buying a gift card?

Discount codes can not be used when purchasing Gift Cards