Natural Dog Treats & Chews

We've always got our nose to the ground at Barks & Bunnies so that we can sniff out the very best natural dog treats for your dogs!

Natural Dog Treats

Whether it's natural dog treats, gourmet dog treats, healthy dog treats, luxury dog treats or something else we have a wide selection so that every dog can enjoy their rewards. Our treats are created by a huge range of popular brands including Green & Wilds, Dogsee, Pet Bakery, The Innocent Hound and Natures Menu. Browse the selection today.

Dog Training Treats

Make improving behaviour an easy task with our delicious dog training treats! Our wide range of treats are perfect for rewarding instructions and good behaviour and reinforcing positive actions with your pet.

Dog Chews

Long lasting dog chews help prevent boredom and provide your dog with positive behaviours while also releasing endorphins giving them an extra boost of happiness. our selection antler dog chews includes softer half antlers and fallow antlers.

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