Food & Bowls For Small Animals

Make feeding time fun for your rabbits & small animals. Browse our selection of interactive food toys including hanging feeders to help keep your rabbit and small animals food clean - preventing it from being spoiled by simply placing it down onto the floor. 

Premium Rabbit Bowls

Our excellent rabbit bowls will bring some style to your pet’s hutch or living quarters! We have a range of styles including the Happy Pet ceramic bowls and coated non-slip bowls. Invest in a more sturdy accessory with the Heavy Duty Non Slip Paw Bowl, or choose an alternative design with the fun Carrot Pet Bowl.

High Quality Rabbit Food Dispensers

We have a range of alternative food dispensers, like hanging food accessories. Your little ones will have fun trying to reach their fresh veg and get a work out at the same time, essential for weight management and muscle tone. Or give them a challenge with the Happy Pet Interactive Tumble & Treat, a puzzle that dispenses food and relieves boredom.