General Care & Wellbeing For Small Animals

A lot of people think looking after rabbits is easy, but it's not always that straight forward! For those times when you need some extra help we have a selection of products to help care for your pet’s general wellbeing.

Huge Range Of Pet Wellbeing Supplies 

Our range of pet care products includes sprays, grooming tools and animal supplements. If you have a stressed rabbit why not try the all natural calming spray by Pet Remedy, or even our rabbit rescue box with it's calming contents - all of which are a surprise until you open it. If your pet is injured you can treat it with disinfectants and cleaning products. Or keep their living accommodation clean with our veterinary approved cleaners by PetLife - an essential part of pet maintenance.

Brands Including Pet Remedy, PetLife & More

We stock a range of market-leading pet brands, including Pet Remedy, PetLife, Oxbow and more. Try some of our bestsellers in each range, like the Rosewood Deluxe Claw Clippers or the Oxbow natural science multi-vitamin. Our products are approved and used by vets - guaranteeing the best for your bunny or small pet.