July 14, 2014 2 min read

Albie is quite a different dog these days. 

He wants to play more, he moves more freely, he is FAR more cuddly and best of all? His tummy has been wonderful. More wonderful than at any other time in his 3 years of life so far. 

He LOVES his Honey's Real Dog Food, so much in fact that we need to weigh him! Kate of Contemplating Canines mentioned to us we need to keep an eye on his weight because the quality of the food is so good the dogs really do digest and absorb it all. Until now Albie has always been very slim, not skinny but slim with a LOT of muscle and

Until now Albie has always been very slim, not skinny but slim with a LOT of muscle and no fat. If we ever did overfeed him while on his kibble diet it always found its way out of his body in a not too pleasant way, so we never really thought anything would allow him to put weight on. But we really do think that Albie, yes our little Albie who has never had an ounce of fat on him or seemed able to ever put weight on has definitely filled out! He isn't overweight, we need to be careful because of his joints but there is finally something there to cuddle!

Dealing with the raw meat has become incredibly easy too.

Remember when we struggled as we found it a bit messy? Well now we have the large Tupperware box we just open the entire sausage all at once and don't struggle at all.

We leave them in their wrappers and let them defrost in the Tupperwaree and then squeeze the meat from the wrapper once defrosted. It really is SO simple, it isn't messy, doesn't make me queasy at all and when I turn around to see how much Albie is looking forward to his meal we are filled with happiness at what we have done.

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He had his second homeopathic remedy last week so will bring you more photos and stories of his adventures soon.