Natural Treats For Small Animals

At Barks & Bunnies we have a delicious range of natural treats fromThe Hay Experts, Rosewood Naturals & more. These treats are all carefully picked to ensure your bunnies and small pets enjoy a diet that is as natural as possible.

Healthy Natural Bunny Treats

All of our natural bunny treats are healthy, meeting a variety of functions in your rabbit’s diet including high-fibre and digestive aids. The treats are enriched with vitamins to create a delicious snack that has your little ones well-being in mind.

Organic Rabbit Treats

Our organic bunny treats are made from USDA certified organic hay, fruits, and vegetables to help closely match the foods that your rabbits and small animals would naturally forage for in the wild. With no artificial colours or preservatives, you can ensure that your feeding your pet as healthily as possible.

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