Dried Herbs For Small Animals

At Barks & Bunnies we have a deliciously big range of delicious natural dried herbs for rabbits and small animals.

Delicious Herbs For Rabbits 

Feed your little ones their tasty herbs all year round with these useful bags of dried herbs and keep their diet varied providing a good mix of nutrients and health benefits. Our most popular brands include The Hay Experts and Rosewood, both of which deliver sumptuous treats like packets of Coneflower Leaf and the Herbal Garden mix. 

Huge Range Of Safe Herbs For Your Rabbits

All of our herbs are completely safe for your bunny to indulge on! Our herbs ingredients include Plantain, Nettle, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Dandelion and more - the list is endless but we are sure your rabbits and little ones will enjoy working their way through and trying everything out! Our herbs help your provide a healthy diet for your small animal, with treats that are high in fibre and help with urinary functions.