Toys For Small Animals

Keep your rabbits and other small animals engaged by filling their home with toys to help prevent boredom. At Barks & Bunnies we have a huge range of mental stimulation accessories that will give your pet the challenge they need! 

Bunny Toys

Bunnies love to play. Encourage their natural playfulness with toys they can chew, throw around, hide in or even climb on! Provide your bunny with hours of fun with a range of toys including the Happy Pet Wooden Cage Chew, the Rosewood ‘Maze-a-Log’ treat challenge and the Oxbow Timothy Club Mat.

Rabbit Boredom Toys

We have a wide collection of toys for rabbits that are fantastic boredom breakers - and all on sale now. Keep your rabbit stimulated with challenges, puzzles and more, including the Rosewood Activity Climbing Tower - a fabulous wooden activity house for your pet that will provide hours of play fun and gnawing possibilities.

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