Natural Forage Edibles For Small Animals

Our range of natural plant-based treats for your small animals will ensure a healthy and exciting diet that they’re sure to love! Our range of natural forages includes petals, dried fruits and vegetable nibbles.

Natural Forage For Small Animals

All of our forage edibles are natural, allowing your bunny to retain an authentic diet. We have a tempting selection of natural forage edibles for rabbits and small animals from The Hay Experts, Rosewood Naturals & more. These forages are all carefully chosen to ensure your rabbits and little-ones diets are as natural as possible. Our edibles are designed to help with your rabbit’s health, with digestive, high fibre and urinary health forages available.

Forage Treats From The Hay Experts, Happy Pet, Rosewood & More

Our huge collection of natural forages includes the popular dried petals and freeze dried fruits by the Hay Experts. Browse now to see one of the very best selections of natural rabbit forage edibles and discover our guinea pig friendly treats too!

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