August 02, 2014 3 min read

Poor Albie, he isn't always the most lucky of dogs. If any dog is going to have an accident or walk round the corner into a scary dog it's him! We could never contemplate cancelling his insurance, it's getting close to £70 a month but that's because we have had to claim so much for him!

But he must have thought all his birthdays arrived at once last week as he had a week of presents!

You see Albie met a really lovely dog a while ago called Fonz.

Fonz is a sausage dog whose human mum (aka hoomum) loves him dearly but has to travel often for work. Albie and Fonz always have fun together, they both have a passion for chasing cats (!) and Fonz has been incredibly supportive of Barks & Bunnies.

This is probably when I should tell you that Albie and Fonz have never actually met, not in the real sense anyway. They are friends, furpals if you will, and met over on Twitter. Fonz recently had to say bye to his mum while she went away for work but Albie received a rather cryptic message and just a few days later look what Albie had....

Albie has his very own camel all the way from Dubai! Albie knows how special a human must be to have done such an incredibly kind thing and he has promised me he will look after his new camel..... although he does seem to think that camel would be better if only he could have a little bit of a chew at his tail!

For those who have been following Albie as he changed to a RAW diet and started his homeopathic treatment  we thought you might like a little update on it all. He got his first bone to try last week, initially he seemed completely confused by it! He knew it was food but didn't seem to know quite how to actually eat it! In fact he was so excited he even showed a bit of possessive behaviour which is very unusual for him. Of course we didn't push him, we had to help him understand that we weren't a threat to this amazing possession and followed the guidance and principles laid out in our guarding blog by Kate Mallatratt of Contemplating Canines. Very quickly he understood everything was fine and his possessive behaviour subsided. We have just given him his second bone today and he exhibited no guarding behaviour at all, he also seems to have learnt what the bone is really all about as he instantly settled down for a chew. 

It's probably also worth us mentioning that he only progressed to having a bone on consultation with Dr Sarah so that we could be sure if he suffered any adverse effects that we had only changed one factor. He therefore of course only had a beef bone because he is only eating beef food as per our previous blogs.

He has had two homeopathic remedies now but Dr Sarah has explained to us that for a case like Albie which is quite complex across both physical and behavioural matters it will take time to let Albie be free and become the 'real' Albie. He is a living, breathing, changing animal just like we are and to treat the whole patient from within takes time. However we are super excited as he has a new remedy to try now which will target at some of his other symptoms. His colitis has improved beyond all recognition, since starting our journey we haven't experienced him having a poorly tummy once, however small amounts of mucus still persist and so we are hoping the new remedy will assist in resolving that.

Meanwhile Albie..... well he is just busy playing with his new camel!

If you would like to find out for yourselves just how fantastic Fonz is then pop over and find him on twitter here.